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Our commitments

Ensuring a pleasant stay

On your arrival at the port, a team is on hand to help you out in any way and accompany you to your berth before you register at the Port Office. Throughout your stay, you will have access to a host of services, including electric bike rental, power sockets, trolleys for your heavy items, weather forecasts, free Wi-Fi, a participative library, launderette, free sanitary facilities and showers, a snacks and hot drinks vending machine, online newspapers, a mail and parcel service, etc.

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Ensuring your safety

Here at Port Gallice, we do everything we can to guarantee your safety: security agents on site 24/7, CCTV throughout the entire port, night patrols and a controlled-access system. There is also a permanent on-call service at the port.

Carefully monitoring water quality

Water samples are analysed six times a year by an accredited laboratory. The samples are taken from different places within the port. A water renewal system has been set up to ensure less water stagnates in the port, which in turn results in reduced turbidity. For vessels moored in the port, the most noticeable positive impact is the reduced amount of algae on hulls. Each year, Port Gallice also organises an operation to clean the body of water. The port’s pleasure boaters are welcome to volunteer in this operation.

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Ensuring optimal waster management

At Port Gallice, particular attention is paid to waste management. There are several collection points to dispose of your rubbish. A disposal point for hazardous waste is available to use free of charge. Located behind the Port Office, it is used to collect waste from vessel maintenance operations: bilge water, used engine oil, contaminated materials, batteries, etc. A box for recycling face masks is available at the Port Office.

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Preserving water quality

To avoid any waste water from boats being discharged into the Mediterranean, with the goal of preserving water quality and marine biodiversity, Port Gallice operates a pumping station for waste water from vessels. Directly connected to the sewerage system, this free service is accessible at the reception quay for small and medium-sized leisure boats.

Providing efficient and eco-friendly lightning

Port Gallice recently acquired a new lighting system. The objectives include: enhance the attractiveness of the site through harmonious lighting, create an ideal spot for an evening stroll, enhance your comfort and the overall security of the site and, lastly, reduce power consumption and light pollution.

Preventing marine pollution

Port Gallice has installed an anti-pollution boom. This boom allows us to close off the port entrance channel or contain even the largest vessel which can be accommodated by the port – 34 metres long and 8 metres wide. One major advantage is that it prevents any discharge into the sea from a damaged vessel.

Biohuts for young fish!

Certified “Clean ports that take action to promote biodiversity”, Port Gallice has installed Biohuts®, to the delight of thousands of young fish and marine animals in the port! Biohut® nurseries provide refuge and feeding zones for the first stages in the development of marine biodiversity. Other than the environmental aspect, the project has another objective: raising public awareness of the benefits of this work and its consequences.

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