Réglementation Maritime du Port de Cannes

Maritime regulations

To make sure the sea is always a pleasure, everyone needs to be able to sail safely.
So before weighing anchor and setting sail, read through the maritime regulations applicable in the Bay of Antubes Juan-les-Pins.

Navigation on the approach to port Gallice

  1. Position : 43° 33’, 8 N – 007° 06’ ,8 E
  2. VHF : channel 9
  3. Approach via jetty W (with a light beacon) at a maximum speed of 3 knots, guided by the port entrance lights: these lights beacons guide you towards the channel (red-green lights).

Navigation regulations

  • Free 2-hour mooring (concrete wharfs and mooring lines) between 12:00 and 14:00 may be authorized by the Port management team, provided there are sufficient spaces available.
  • Access, circulation, passenger or crew disembarkation, docking of dinghies at Port Gallice for boats anchoring near the Port, all require prior authorisation from Port Office staff.
  • Port entrance lights: The port entrance is marked by 2 lights: main jetty W (Approach 43°33, 8 N – 07°06, 8 E). VQ (3) G.2s 9M. Channel access light beacons (red, green). Beacon “1”: G.2,5s, beacon “2” FI.R. 2,5s. East breakwater at Port du Croûton (43°33,6 N-7° 07,2 E) FI (2) R.6s5M, vis. 138°-091° (313°).